Play-poems and bardbots!

Advent is upon us, and we’ve been celebrating over at Sidekick Books!

Every day we’ve opened a new window of poetry mishmashery, featuring:

i) Hybardrid Twitterbots, mixing famous poets with other poets and other texts to form monstrous new superbards! We’ve created @SunsetPlaytime, featuring Frank O’Hara and Paul Celan, @PearlvQueen, mixing HRH with Victorian porn, Percianne Shellmoore (we’ll let you guess that one), the nonsensical @edwhirllearchester, @Anime Carson, in which Anne Carson adopts anime battle talk, and @Gertrudes_Gifts, which sees Gertrude Stein hosting a QVC Homewares segment.

Tweet from Gertrude's Gifts reads: "The flameless tea lights: Why is there so much resignation in a package"

ii) Playable interactive poems, including Meat & Mustard, two hidden word poems by Jon Stone, Shag or Cormorant?, in which you must play to find out which bird you will become, Mothra, a concrete poem ode to a beloved Godzilla adversary, and In Search of Lost Species, in which the reader seeks the creatures from Harry Man and Sophie Gainsley’s collection, Finders Keepers – which one will you uncover?

iii) All manner of other poetry snafflings, including an alternative Queen’s Speech collaged from the quotes of RuPaul Charles, and our fictional boss’s Naughty & Nice lists.

You can view all of our past Advent-ures right here.

Bard bless us, every one!

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