Poetic Interviews: Line breaks of questioning

A black and white image of a lamp shining down onto a plastic kangaroo in an interrogative manner.

Poetic Interviews comes from a brilliantly simple idea: why not interview poets using poetry?

Aaron Kent, Editor-in-Chief at Broken Sleep Books, and Chief Poetic Interviewer, corners poets, asks them questions in verse and gets poetic responses back from the writers. The results are playful, revealing and spontaneous, and show the artistic side of both the interviewer and writer. Speaking from the writer/interviewee seat, even though Kent does not demand a form, I felt the constraints of the format were just as helpful as if I’d had a form to work to.

Poetic Interviews has spoken to a huge range of poets, from Theophilus Kwek to Jane Commane, and the original online project was shortlisted for a 2017 Saboteur Award. It’s an invigorating format and one that guarantees that the writer does not fall back on stock answers.

Buy the book now and get inside our weird little heads.

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